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BTPE Islamabad is a private firm registered with the "FBR, Government of Pakistan and Office of the Registrar of Firm (Industries Department), Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar". It works for the benefits of Students in different Technical, Vocational, Professional and IT fields to help them in Fighting against unemployment, especially for those who seek jobs in private Sectors or abroad.

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Chairman Messages

The Jurisdiction of activities of BTPE is entire Pakistan. BTPE Islamabad conducts various Technical and Professional programs, with several institution courses under its progressive management, and developed a unique place all over Pakistan. The main objective of the BTPE is to monitor & evaluate the training through the physical visit and other means to ensure the quality of training. Arrange and conduct final Trade Testing & Certification for successful trainees. BTPE also provides assistance to the organization to develop and implement in-plant training programs to address the skill deficiencies of employees and organize seminars, workshops, and other programs to promote training and employment.

Working Mechanism

BTPE design and develop training courses in accordance with emerging needs with the involvement of experts from relevant industry. BTPE does not have its own training institutes but collaborates and works in partnership with industry, training institutes / colleges and other organizations to arrange training which is:

 1. Relevant to the Needs of Local Industry / Employment Market.
 2. Flexible to Respond to Change.
 3. Recognized for Employment Nationally and Internationally

About Diploma

  1. Professional Excellence & Comparative Edge
  2. Existing job promotion & high wages/respect
  3. Increase productivity & more opportunities
  4. A wide range of jobs in Gulf countries (Saudi/UAE/Oman/Europe)
  5. Government Recognized Experience Based Certification/RPL Mode: If an individual possesses experience in relevant field and can support this claim on any written proof like experience letter etc, he is eligible to be awarded 1 or 2 years Professional Certification from Govt of Pakistan, with in shortest possible time ranging from 2 to 3 months.

Jurisdiction of BTPE

  1. Islamabad
  2. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  3. Punjab
  4. Sindh
  5. Balochistan
  6. Azad Kashmir
  7. Gilgit Baltistan
  8. Chitral

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The institute will only train and induct the disciplines / training which can be managed either by the Institute itself or with the collaboration with other Institutions.
  2. It is the responsibility of the institute to keep all the educational and professional record of the students.
  3. Records of the students will be provided to BTPE Islamabad whenever it is needed otherwise the diploma will be considered as cancelled.
  4. The institute is responsible to train the students according to recognized syllabi.
  5. At the completion of syllabi, the institute will conduct Examinations and evaluate the students properly.
  6. The institute will be responsible to arrange Trade Test for those students who are willing to get diploma / Certificate on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) System/ Experience based and Distance Learning / Assignment based.
  7. The BTPE is not responsible for any attestation of the testimonials from any Agency in Pakistan. furthermore it is the responsibility to inform the students prior to his/ her induction that BTPE Diploma / Certificate is competency / skilled based and does not have any equivalency to any other Board / University / Agency in Pakistan.
  8. No Advertisement will be allowed until unless a proper permission of BTPE Islamabad is obtained.
  9. The BTPE Islamabad Rights to Cancel , Terminate or suspend the affiliation without assigning any reason or notice.

Our Trades

Some of our popular courses are:

Job Oriented

Vocational education makes you ready for employment and you could start earning money at a very early stage which will be beneficial for you and would place you in an advantageous position over others.


Both private and government institutions provide these courses as their expenses are very less. Sometimes they even provide you with scholarships if you clear certain conditions. These are better as compared to three or five-year degree courses.


Students who choose vocational courses are preferred more as compared to college pass outs by various companies as they have the right and appropriate kind of knowledge and education for that industry. It’s not only limited to Pakistan but you will also get the opportunity to move abroad.

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