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Technology Studies Courses

We have a total of 36 courses in the trade of Technology Studies

Home Technology Studies Courses
01 PG Dip Cyber Security and Data Governance
02 Postgraduate Diploma in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
03 Diploma - Database Developer Analyst Practicum
04 Advanced Diploma in Environmental Technology
05 Diploma in Computing
06 PG Dip Cyber Security and Data Governance Online
07 Emeritus Postgraduate Diploma in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
08 Advanced Diploma in Environmental Technology
09 Web Technology
10 Advanced Diploma of Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) Engineering for Oil and Gas Facilities
11 Advanced Diploma in Information Technology
12 Diploma in Network Technician
13 Diploma in Cyber security Analyst Practicum
14 Advanced Diploma of Industrial Automation
15 Diploma in Network and Computer Technology
16 Education Level 5 Diploma In Cyber Security (L5DCS)
17 Diploma in Software Engineering
18 Advanced Diploma in Computing: Technical Support
19 Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician - Automation and Robotics
20 Advanced Diploma in Game – Programming
21 Advanced Diploma in Health Informatics Technology (Optional Co-op) (Online)
22 Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering Technology - Artificial Intelligence
23 Diploma in Project Management, BIM-BIM Management Methodology
24 Diploma in Information Systems Security
25 Diploma in Library Information Technology
26 Diploma in Electronics Engineering Technology
27 Diploma in Computer Science Technology- Network Management
28 Diploma in Business Information Technology
29 Postgraduate in Web UX / UI
30 Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design and Web Development
31 Diploma in Network Security Specialist
32 Diploma of Specialization in Data Protection in the Digital Society
33 PG Dip Cyber Security
34 Diploma in Digital Business Management Co-op
35 Postgraduate Diploma of Information Technology Management
36 Advanced Diploma of Network Security

Job Oriented

Vocational education makes you ready for employment and you could start earning money at a very early stage which will be beneficial for you and would place you in an advantageous position over others.


Both private and government institutions provide these courses as their expenses are very less. Sometimes they even provide you with scholarships if you clear certain conditions. These are better as compared to three or five-year degree courses.


Students who choose vocational courses are preferred more as compared to college pass outs by various companies as they have the right and appropriate kind of knowledge and education for that industry. It’s not only limited to Pakistan but you will also get the opportunity to move abroad.

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